Bermuda’s Sentate

Building New Casinos in 2014

Although 2014 was an exciting year for online casinos and booking websites in Canada, brick-and-mortar casinos did not have the same type of luck. More specifically, city officials in Kingston, Canada recently denied a motion made by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to build a brand new casino in Kingston.

A public poll conducted in Ontario showed that more than 67% of Kingston residents were against building the proposed casino. For this reason, Kingston’s government officials issued a motion to representatives of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation stating that residents did not want a new gambling complex built within the city’s limits.

Bermuda Uses Gambling for Tourism

While residents of Ontario were hesitant about building a new casino in their city, tourism officials in Bermuda are hoping that building new casinos will improve the island’s lagging vacation industry.

Bermuda’s Sentate officially approved a bill on December 13, 2014 that will enable developers to build three casinos on the island. However, not all politicians are in favor of building casinos on Bermuda. Wayne Furbert, a political economist employed by Bermuda’s goverment, said that the approval of the casinos marked the saddest day in his political career.

Other politicians believe that these new casinos could significantly improve Bermuda’s economy.

Actor Mark Wahlberg Loses Big in Macau

In December of 2014, Mark Wahlberg spent a few weeks vacationing in Macau. The actor was in China preparing for his next film, which features Wahlberg in the role of a gambling addict.

Wahlberg admitted in an interview with an Australian news reporter that he won at blackjack three straight times. From there, Wahlberg says that he took all of his winnings to the roulette table, where he put all of his money on a black number. The roulette ball landed on red, and the actor lost $45,000 to the casino.