Does Canada Allow Online Gambling

As there are no federal regulations that govern gambling in Canada, it is the responsibility of the individual states to set up the regulatory mechanisms for the same. But the online gambling websites that operate within Canada have to be licensed by local provincial governments. However there is a large grey area in this stipulation as nearly 1400 offshore gambling operators are running their operations in Canada and their games are accessible to Canadian citizens. Though an offshore gambling website that is not registered in Canada and collecting money from local citizens would technically be running an illegal operation and players would d be indulging in illegal activities by playing online gambling, no one has been arrested till date on these charges.


Canadian citizens are interested in gambling for entertainment purposes from the privacy of their homes


Details about Canadian Law on online gambling

Though it has not been clearly defined by law, Canadian citizens are not prosecuted for playing in offshore gambling websites. Authorities have stated that online operators that are located offshore will not be prosecuted as long as they do not break local laws. If local provincial authorities feel that their citizens are being cheated by offshore operators then they can target these firms for prosecution. These circumstances are favourable for Canadian citizens interested in gambling for entertainment purposes from the privacy of their homes.


Online gaming in Canada

According to online gambling laws in Canada, only governments of different provinces can issue licenses for setting up online gambling operations in the nation so local players can register and play. But First Nation governments have given licenses to several offshore operators to operate online gaming operations from their land. According to their laws licensed operators can run legal gaming operations that can available to locations around the world where gaming is legal. Besides these locations, now several provinces like British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario have licensed operators to operate online gaming services for their citizens and soon other are likely to follow.