Expansion of Gambling Not In the Best Interest of Florida

It could be an alert to put pressure on the Florida Seminole Tribe for raising the stakes at the negotiation table because a major part of the gambling compact of the tribe with this state is coming to an end. But the huge gambling bill put forth by Dana Young, Leader of the Majority House, invites some serious criticism with the destruction it could cause in Florida.


No expansion of gambling in Florida


Destination casinos are not exactly required in this state and could lead to even more gambling. The focus in the capital city needs to be on the formulation of a new agreement with Seminoles and to provide support to the harassed dog tracks.


End of Tribe compact

Major gambling bills always feature in the annual legislative session. But they typically end up falling flat on their face. However, the situation is slightly different this time and higher stakes are involved.

A major part of the Seminole compact wherein the tribe has exclusive rights and can offer piled card games like blackjack will expire coming summer. It also appears that the negotiation talks between the tribe and Governor Rick Scott have been hanging in the air, with no definite conclusion.



Provisions of the legislation

The proposed legislation would end up clearing the way for 2 popular resort casinos located in South Florida. The Seminole Tribe would be able to expand the games at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tampa as well as various other locations by including the same variety of games, craps and roulette which is available at destination casinos.

The Palm Beach and Naples dog tracks would be able to execute installation of slot machines and the current tax rates with respect to certain gambling would also come down. These provisions would end up making gambling more invasive.