Sale of The Wizard Of Odds

The news about the sale of The Wizard of Odds first came out in September 2014. However, it seems the talk of the sale is still hot news in the casino and gaming communities. Every now and then news about the sale or new interviews appear on the web and reveals new aspects of the deal.


The Wizard of Odds sale.


The deal

The Wizard of Odds began in 1997 and in a short time became the site to visit for all things gambling. Started by Mike Shackelford, the site features game strategies and informational content on casinos and gambling. Even though Mike Shackelford had dedicated himself to make this site a truly unique place for casino games information the sale of course was prompted by financial reasons.

The sale was made for $2 million and the offer was made by Joshua Chan. For the new buyer the decision to make the highest offer was prompted by the Wizard of Odd site’s revenue-generating capabilities and great profile. Maybe due to these reasons, there were multiple offers to buy the site, but ultimately Chan upped his offer from his initial $1.6 million to $2 million and Shackelford accepted the deal.


The future

The sale made big news as this was one of the biggest deals made for a website in the business of gambling. Even though not a casino, the site generated lots of daily traffic due to its content from casino game fans and those simply interested in knowing about casino game strategies.

With the change in ownership, one can see online casino promotions on the website. It is purely done for generating income. Many experts wonder if Mike Shackelford had done so then maybe he didn’t have to sale his website. However, the man himself seems happy with working for the new owners on a salary basis and doing what he loved doing all these years.