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What Makes BETAT Casino a Promising Pick For 2015

The online casino market saw substantial growth in 2014. 2015 looks promising too, especially for BETAT Casino. What makes it our pick as the most promising online casino of 2015? Here are our reasons.


Language expansion

Most online casinos focus on the English-speaking players, leaving out the non-English speakers. However, with a wide language selection on offer, BETAT makes sure that almost everyone who visits the site gets to choose his/her preferred language. The casino recently added Russian, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese and Greek to its language selection, making sure that it caters to its five biggest markets – the UK, Sweden, Canada, Australia and Finland.


UK license

With effect from November 1, 2014, all operators serving in the UK are mandatory required to have the license to operate in the region. Good for BETAT that it already has all the required licenses.


Available on mobile

Online players need the freedom to be able to enjoy their games on their mobile device and BETAT offers them just that! With over 75 games and continuous development of its mobile apps, the casino is leaving no stone unturned in increasing its reach. Most of its games are developed by two of the leading software developers – NetEnt and Microgaming.


Pay as you like

Apart from the gameplay, payment option is another deciding factor that makes players stick to a particular online casino. To appeal to its international players from Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, it will soon be adding the option to pay with Sofort. Gamers from Denmark, Spain and Poland will be given the option to make payments with Entercash and Trustly.


Visually appealing

You probably should not judge a book by its cover, but most players decide whether or not they want to play the games available on online casinos, depending on the visual appeal of the site. BETAT underwent major changes in 2013, some of which have come in the form of eye-catching display and smoother user experience. It has also added an Achievement Feature to its website, allowing players to track their lifetime gameplay.